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Some about senses and feelings

I review the movie of Master Akira Kurosawa “Sichinin no samurai” very often. The scene of warriors’ choosing, who will protect the village, makes me glad especially. And that’s a question: which part of the body does an individual feel the ambush?

Do you remember that moment? Samurai is invited to the house, the youngest warrior have to hide near the doorway and bit the entering man to the head. And he bits. It’s interesting next.

The first samurai is bitted – he is a dead drunk. The second enters, throws young samurai artfully and goes away proudly. The third stops behind the door and starts laughing: “You’re sly men! You try to cheat me!” And the last samurai comes to this house at the time, when the ambush was removed.

One thinks, that Aikido – it’s not only the techniques involved in it. I understand that there wasn’t such martial art at that ancient time. But I think, that last two warriors were on the top of their possibilities, senses and feelings. These features allowed them to avoid troubles.

I think this is the sense of the world around. I think this is pure Aikido.