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Japan earthquake and tsunami anniversary

Exactly a year on from the enormously destructive earthquake and tsunami, Japan has commemorated the events of that day in ceremonies around the country.

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko led a minute of silence in Tokyo’s National Theatre at the precise moment that the 9.0 magnitude tremor unleashed a wall of water that ravaged the northeast coast, killing thousands.

The country is still grappling with the cost, both human and economic. (more…)

Shosetsu Kan Enbu on the 5th of March 2012

On the 5th of March the instructor staff of Shosetsu Kan Dojo was invited for the enbu on the central square of Novosibirsk – Lenin Square. The enbu was dedicated to the previous elections, the winner of the elections Vladimir V. Putin and future Women Day – the 8th of March. The enbu participators were: