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Steven Seagal on the Steven Seagal Ten Shin

天心会26 with Jacques Payet

Shioda Yasuhisa Sensei in Moscow, 2007

Gozo Shioda Yoshinkan Aikido

Message from Jacques Payet Sensei

I would like to thank Andrey Sensei and the Novosibirsk Yoshinkan federation for inviting me again and organizing this seminar. Thank you for their great heart , their dedication to Aikido and wonderful hospitality. Thank you to all the instructors and members of other dojos who came from other region of Russia and took part. Thank you all , stay happy and in peace . Until next time .


Jacques Payet (7 dan Yoshinkan Aikido)


We would like to congratulate the students team of Shosetsukan Dojo with successful passing of their dan tests!

Shodan: Anna Ardeeva, Vladimir Serbinenko, Pavel Savin, Alexandr Troshnev, Alexandr Kalameitsev, Pavel Matvienko.
Sandan: Yuriy Lebedev.