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Birthday of Gozo Shioda Sensei

Today, on the 9th of September is the 95th birthday of Gozo Shioda Sensei – Founder of Aikido Yoshinkan. This day is a great holiday for all people, who keeps loyalty to the principles of Aikido Yoshinkan development.

Gozo Shioda Sensei

Gozo Shioda Sensei passed away more than 16 years ago, but our memory about this Great Master will never die.

Knowledge Day

All Russian pupils and teachers celebrate Knowledge Day today. There is the Day also in former Republics of former USSR.

Traditionally this day all pupils come to schools in festive clothes with bunches of flowers to their teachers.

And so I did, when I was so young.

And it was very wonderful!

Though this day means a beginning of hardful work, as for me, it was a desired day.

I wish, it was the same for modern pupils.

To all of them – Congratulations!