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Gozo Shioda Kancho Sensei 塩田 剛三 館長先生 Aiki No Tenchi

In memory of Gozo Shioda Kancho Sensei

Gozo Shioda Kancho Sensei Techniques 塩田 剛三 館長先生

Gozo Shioda Kancho Sensei 塩田 剛三 館長先生

Aikido Yoshinkan Enbutaikai
Tokyo, Japan

Gozo Shioda Yoshinkan Aikido

Gozo Shioda Kancho Sensei Techniques

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Yoshinkan aikido’s Shihan Tsutomu Chida

Written by Enrica Cheung, Paul Chapman & Ben Stone

Tsutomu Chida, 8th Dan Shihan, is well known to devotees of Yoshinkan aikido, and well respected by in-the-know aikidoka the world over. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Shihan Joe Thambu establishing Yoshinkan in Australia, Shihan Chida visited Melbourne to instruct a series of seminars, and impart some of his hard-won aikido wisdom to Blitz.

Chida Sensei, could you please tell us a little about how you started aikido, and some of the history behind your aikido career?

When I started aikido, around 1969, it was not well known or popular. On my way to school, I would sometimes walk by a local aikido school, so one day I joined. At first I kept going just because I didn’t want to give up easily. However, at some point I became captivated by its charms [and have kept going ever since]. (more…)

Gozo Shioda Aikido. R. Kennedy’s visit to Yoshinkan Dojo