In memory of Gozo Shioda Kancho Sensei

Jacques Payet Sensei is 8 dan of Aikido Yoshinkan!

Great news from Tokyo: High-rank grading committee of Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation assigned 8 Dan to our friend and teacher, Hombu Dojo Shihan and Mugenjuku Dojo Chief, Jacques Payet Sensei!

On behalf of Shosetsukan Dojo instructor staff and all students we would like to congratulate Jacques Payet Sensei with this recognition of his great contribution to Aikido world!

We wish him further development and new achievements in the Art!


Aikido: Tenchi-nage by Empty Mind Films

Chino Susumu Sensei.

Gozo Shioda Kancho Sensei Techniques 塩田 剛三 館長先生

第27回浦安市合気道演武大会 安藤先生 27th Urayasu Demo Ando Sensei

Gozo Shioda Kancho Sensei 塩田 剛三 館長先生

Aikido Yoshinkan Enbutaikai
Tokyo, Japan

26th Urayasu Demo Kenji Nakazawa Sensei

第61回演武会 養神館合気道龍 安藤先生 -2016 Demo Yoshinkan Ando Sensei

第61回演武会 養神館 千野先生 -2016 Demo Yoshinkan Chino sensei

Aikido Yoshinkan 35 Enbukai 1990.09.15. Sakurai Fumio Sensei