Interview with Jacques Payet Sensei. Novosibirsk, 21 Feb 2011.

Aikilife: Sensei, welcome to Novosibirsk. It’s great honour for us to meet you again.

Jacques Payet: Thank you. It’s a pleasure for me to arrive to your city again.

Aikilife: Osu, Sensei. On the last year seminar you told us, that you decided to start training in Aikido after watching the technique of Shioda Gozo Sensei. What did you personally for yourself see on that tape?

Jacques Payet: Yes. It was an old, old movie of Shioda Gozo demonstration. I saw very tiny, small person, very easily and smoothly throwing very big people. So, it was looking very beautiful, very fast and very dynamic, and they were doing that, while smiling. So I saw that, what the kind of martial art, I wanted to do. (more…)

Report about Aikido Yoshinkan seminar under the guidance of Jacques Payet Sensei. Novosibirsk, 17-22 Feb 2011


There is a good tradition in Novosibirsk to invite Aikido Yoshinkan Masters in February, and this tradition is maintained through years. It’s about -30 degrees outside – good Siberian weather, but this fact is unusual for invited persons. But this year the weather put us in a spot – it was about -7 degrees outside – almost summer days!

It was spent about half of year after the Aikido Yoshinkan 2010 seminar, which turned our minds in Aikido principles understanding, and Federation Council picked up a question about next seminar and its leader again. After the consultations with Jacques Payet Sensei and with permission of Yasuhisa Shioda Kancho it was decided to manage the seminar of 2011 under the guidance of Payet Sensei again. From our side we said: “Osu!” and began preparing of the action wished by all Novosibirsk Aikido Yoshinkan students. (more…)

Yoshinkan Aikido seminar under the guidance of Jacques Payet Sensei

Dear friends!

We’d like to declare, that from 17th to 21t of February 2011 Yoshinkan Aikido seminar under the guidance of Jacques Payet Sensei will take place in Novosibirsk, Russia.

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