Noriki Masahiko Honbu Dojocho online seminar

66th All-Japan Yoshinkan Aikido Demonstration is cancelled

AYF Honbu sadly announces the cancellation of the 66th All-Japan Yoshinkan Aikido Demonstration planned on October 2nd, 2021 at Indoor ball sports field of Komazawa Olympic park General sports ground, due to growing concerns over the COVID-19 virus and in consideration of the health and safety of participants and staff members.

We humbly ask for your understanding and will hope to meet you next year.

Test syllabus 2021

Dear comrades!

New test syllabus 2021 is on Information page.


First online seminar of Jacques Payet Sensei 19-21 mar 2021

Dear friends,

Siberian Yoshinkan Aikido Federation introduces to you first online seminar of Jacques Payet Sensei (Shihan, 8 Dan)!

The seminar will take place on the base of Shusetsukan Dojo (37, Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region) from 19th to 21st of March 2021 through Zoom Meetings with possibility of individual and group connection (from your Dojos).

We try to move the borders!

Part of children trainings will be under the guidence of Nick Richardson Sensei. (more…)

In memory of Andrey Podoinikov Sensei…

From AYF Newsletter December 2019:

We regret to inform that Shihan Andrey Podoinikov, Head of Siberian Yoshinkan Aikido Federation “Shosetsukan Dojo” in Novosibirsk, 6 dan, has passed away October 07 in a sudden car accident.

This accident was awful for us all. All members of Siberian Federation of Yoshinkan Aikido will fondly remember Andrey Sensei.

And these two months were very difficult for us all, because Andrey Sensei was a man with great energy, true leader not only for Siberian Yoshinkan Aikido, but for many organizations in Russia. As Shosetsukan head he was open person for Yoshinkan representatives all over the world, he was a man who tried to unite Aikido Dojos, who always tried to study something new, who always moved the ideas of human health, whose dream were peace and harmony in Martial Arts in general.

We all were affected by his thoughts and ideas. But all this energy of Andrey Sensei was stopped in this accident, which became a true unexpected misery. (more…)

Yoshinkan Aikido seminar of Jacques Payet Shihan in memory of Andrey Podoynikov Sensei

Announcement of Leadership Changes at Honbu Dojo

As of December 31st, 2017, Susumu Chino Sensei, Dojocho of Honbu Dojo and acting Kancho of Yoshinkan, resigned due to personal reasons.

Masahiko Noriki Sensei has been appointed Dojocho. He will continue to serve as the International Manager.

VI Siberian Yoshinkan Aikido Festival. Vitaliy Podobaev, vice-president of Shosetsukan Dojo

Ando Tsuneo Shihan seminar in Novosibirsk, Feb 2018

Sensei Andrey Podoynikov has been awarded the title Shihan!

Shihan titles will be awarded on merit, at the discretion of Honbu dojo, to individuals of good character and purity of heart. Bearers of the title are considered models for the art. They display physical and technical proficiency, and have sought to embody the core principles of budo, such as virtue and humility.

Sensei Andrey Podoynikov is the man deserved the title undoubtedly!