In memory of Andrey Podoinikov Sensei…

From AYF Newsletter December 2019:

We regret to inform that Shihan Andrey Podoinikov, Head of Siberian Yoshinkan Aikido Federation “Shosetsukan Dojo” in Novosibirsk, 6 dan, has passed away October 07 in a sudden car accident.

This accident was awful for us all. All members of Siberian Federation of Yoshinkan Aikido will fondly remember Andrey Sensei.

And these two months were very difficult for us all, because Andrey Sensei was a man with great energy, true leader not only for Siberian Yoshinkan Aikido, but for many organizations in Russia. As Shosetsukan head he was open person for Yoshinkan representatives all over the world, he was a man who tried to unite Aikido Dojos, who always tried to study something new, who always moved the ideas of human health, whose dream were peace and harmony in Martial Arts in general.

We all were affected by his thoughts and ideas. But all this energy of Andrey Sensei was stopped in this accident, which became a true unexpected misery.

I became a representative of Shosetsukan Dojo with heavy heart. And I had to take a small break to think about its future in right way.

But I understand now, and all members are with me in this question, that Siberian Yoshinkan Aikido Federation “Shosetsukan Dojo” activities must go on to honor all Andrey Sensei’s life, to develop and improve his legacy.

All events of Shosetsukan will be on schedule.

All events of Shosetsukan of 2019-2020 season will be memorial to Andrey Podoinikov Shihan.

Shosetsukan Dojo is opened for all Aikido practitioners all over the world as he always dreamed and realized.

We are glad to invite all aikido fellows to Novosibirsk to practice their skills with us on trainings and on all our events.

I am always glad to answer to all questions by e-mail: or

On behalf of all Shosetsukan members,

Best regards from Novosibirsk, Russia,

Vitalii Podobaev,

Shosetsukan Dojo head.

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