Report about Aikido Yoshinkan seminar under the guidance of Shioda Kancho in Novosibirsk

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So, it was happened!

Yes, my dear comrades, as I told you before, there was the Aikido Yoshinkan seminar under the guidance of the Director of this Aikido style, Shioda Yasuhisa Sensei, in Novosibirsk from 20th to 23d of February.

For us, organizers of the seminar, it had begun in the moment, when Shioda Kancho proved his purpose to arrive in this strange City in Siberia, in which there wasn’t Aikido Masters of such level before. And we’d like to tell a great thanks to Sensei Andrey Podoynikov, who asked Shioda Kancho to guide a seminar in Novosibirsk, when he2 and his students were in Tokio.

With Shioda Sensei Kaori Misono-san (1 Dan) and Hirihisa Shimidzu-san (3 Dan) flew to our City.

In addition to us, instructors and students of Siberian Yoshinkan Aikido Federation, members of Siberian Center of Real Aikido, Karate-Do Shotokan and Vovinam Viet-Vo-Dao participated in the training process.

Day one, 20 Feb 2009

We come to airport Tolmachevo, so, we have cars, camera and operator for it, and even bunch of flowers! It’s ok.

Relax, breath, it’s all ok.

Arrival announced, passengers start to come out from different customs, taxi-drivers suggest their service delicately, but passengers refuse wearily.

3Where are our guests?

Here they are!

Thank God! I feel better.

First photo, we are guiding our guests, forcing to wear warm hats (Kancho Sensei, it’s minus 30 out there! Shimidzu-san, do you have a hat? Wear i4t! Misono-san? No? In the car, quickly! Oh, you have. Anyway, quickly, please).

Next were a hotel and dinner with our guests in “East-West” café. And the first training for instructors and senior students, which taken place in one of our dojos – club of classic wrestling “Champions School” (Berdsk town – satellite of Novosibirsk).

5Shioda Sensei started with Kihon dosa. And then asked us what kind of technique do we want to perfect – hold or throw technique?

- Kancho Sensei, what is your favorite technique?

Thus, we started from Katate mochi shomen iriminage 1. Shioda Sensei gave attention to many important points of this technique, and then proceeded to relative techniques. During training process we advanced in variations of iriminage, shihonage, higishime, kokyu ho.6

During training I run to Sensei every free moment: Kancho Sensei, can I grab your arm? Osu! More? Osu! Ouch! So, I am flying. Orientate, fool, you’ll cut into by your head! Be careful, land! Osu, Sensei, domo arigato godzaimashita!

One hour and a half flied away insensibly. The end of the training, and all impressions come to one – WOW!

That’s all, take a rest. Up ahead was a supper in the “East-West” café.

Main part of the seminar 21-22 Feb 2009

7The base of the seminar – one children training and three training classes for adults then. And there was a break time for cutting of our impressions to parts.

First children training class. Our little members view with both eyes Kancho Sensei, Misono-san and Shimidzu-san. Shioda Sensei gives a task, children try to d8o. Shioda Sensei laugh sometimes: heaps of little Aikidokas – that’s really something else!

After the first training class my little students run to me: “Sensei, Kancho Sensei touched me! And I worked with Shimidzu-san! And I! And I!”

All children are happy, parents too.

The first adult training. And adults are like children! Both eyes – to our Japan guests.

9The basic part of training class is invariable: Kihon Dosa, then – techniques. Shihonage for a start, I work with Alexey Teryaev (Head of Real Aikido Center of Novosibirsk, 3 Dan Aikido). Kokyunage variations go after that. The end of the training.

Kancho Sensei goes to rest.

Evening training classes are the same. Kihon dosa for a start, then we try to understand nuances of Ikkajo, Kihon Dosa Rendzoku, Higishime.

Shioda Kancho tries to come to everyone, corrects, shows details, people ask to assist. Sensei laughs, but not refuses.

Time flies away. “The end? But…”

Next day. Sensei says to work Kihon Dosa to Kanren waza and explain every movement in details. We start from account work, then try work through in pairs by our own.10

Shioda Sensei stops us periodically and shows some details. And asks me to assist with Nikajo once. Osu, Sensei!

I am lying. Sensei explains how to do technique correctly. I am in the grip, pain, my head bits to mats. Thank God, they are so soft! Shioda Sensei holds me by one hand, but I can’t escape! Why? Malicious voice inside tells me: “Work hard and learn, little boy!”


When we work Aikinage, Shioda Kancho comes to our pair with Sergey Malkov. I grab Sensei’s arm and fly away next moment. Group your self!

The end of the training, evening. Thanks to all, anyone can be free. If there is a freedom in our life.

The last day of the training.

11Today is the last day and the last possibility on this seminar for our students to communicate with Shioda Sensei, Misono-san and Shimidzu-san.

Children class. Taiso, koho ukemi. Oh, it’s surprise! Our little students have to do it in groups holding hands of each other. It’s for standing up without hands help. Little Aikidokas are delighted. Aikigrandies are als12o.

Time flies away again. “Boys and girls! Seiretsu for general photo!”

Adults class. Shioda Sensei said that there will be weapon training. Students said “Osu!”
“Who has no boken? You have, Michail? Take mine, I have spare one.”

13We started from Kihon Dosa with bokens. And after first half-hour I was sorry that I worked with boken made from tropical wood (Red Jatoba). I should take a little one from the oak, and give Michail tropical boken. Because Michail is a big man, but I am smaller.

Hiriki no yosei, tai no henko, shumatsu dosa. We do them for a right and a left sides. One hundred squattings with shomen uchi komi. Contact work in pairs14. Our ears are blocked because of wood swords clicks. Shikko ho with side cut strike. We are moving from one side of the dojo to another.

In the end of training Shioda Sensei showed us details of Yonkajo and how we could disbalance uke from ushiro ryote mochi.

Break time.


It’s about 15 minutes to the test. I am the first, Yuriy, another our instructor, is going to pass Sandan test, and he will be the second.

There is nothing in my head, vacuous mind. “Andrey Sensei, is it normal?” He says, that’s all ok.

15X hour.

Shimidzu-san commands loudly. I hope I understand all he says correctly.

All techniques have worked by me like in a fog.

Shumatsu dosa? Already? Jiu waza then. They flew by. Commands to stay align face to Kancho Sensei. Rei! Run16 quickly!

That’s all. I am sitting, sweating and looking to Yuriy test.

Finita la comedia!

After our tests there were embu from members of Real 17Aikido, from our Aikigrandies, little Aikidokas and instructor staff of Siberian Federation. The last number of embu – the show from Shioda Kancho. After it people cheered to the echo.

In the end Kancho Sensei was photographed with all of us.

Then there was Sayonara Party in a Chinese restaurant “ Da Tan Shi Dya”.

Last day in Novosibirsk.18

This day we planned a conference in Novosibirsk district administration, little picnic in a winter forest  of “Russian-style”, showing of night Novosibirsk. And, unfortunately, there was our guests departure then.

We hope that it wasn’t last arrival of Shioda Sensei to our City.

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