Report of Yuriy Poletaev about Aikido Yoshinkan seminar 4-6.06.2010

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general photoThere was Yoshinkan Aikido seminar on the 4-6 of June, 2010 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia under the guidance of Ando Tsuneo Sensei (Syuseki Shihan of Hombu Dojo, 8 Dan, Head of Aikido Yoshinkan-Ryu). Deputy Head of Shosetsu Kan Dojo Yuriy Poletaev (3 Dan) participated in the seminar.

“The main theme of the seminar was work with center of gravity of body: Ando Sensei made a strong emphasis on the source of initial impulse while performing movements and techniquestraining-1. This principle was shown by Sensei on Ikkajo, Nikajo, Yonkajo, Kotegaeshi, Shihonage, Shomen Iriminage. During training process Ando Sensei exposed many important points concerning body position, movements direction and center line.

Another important part of the seminar was the training of Timing in combination with principles noted above. In this part of  ttraining-2he seminar students worked through Oyo waza and Jiu waza.

The final trainings were dedicated to operation with weapons: boken, jo and tanto. Ando Sensei illustrated in details many important points of movements and distance handling in operations with Boken, made emphasis on defence from Tanto attacks. As for Jo, students under the guidance of Sensei worked in training-4details 31 Jo Kata under the guidance of Sensei.

Thus, seminar was very intensive and multi-faceted. During training process the basic techniques of Yoshinkan Aikido were analyzed as well as weapon operations. All students were glad to saw Ando Sensei own methodical principles and features of Aikido Yoshinkan-Ryu.

I’d like to say great thanks to Ando Tsuneo Shihan for remarkable and very effective seminar.”

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