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We’d like to declare that after the Yoshinkan Aikido seminar under his guidance and personal relations with management of Shosetsu Kan Jacques Payet Sensei agreed kindly to become Technical Advisor of Siberian Yoshinkan Aikido Federation. On behalf of all Shosetsu Kan Dojo members we’d like to say great thanks to Payet Sensei for a honour, showed to our organization.

Сенсей Жак Пайе в Новосибирске

Jacques Payet Sensei was born in 1957.

In 1978 he first time saw on the old film the embu of Shioda Gozo Kancho. After that he made a promise to himself to go to Japan and meet Kancho Sensei personally. In 1980 he arrived to Japan and started to train under the guidance of Shioda Gozo Kancho in Koganei Dojo (Tokio).

From 1980 to 1985 he trained with notable Yoshinkan Aikido Masters:  Shioda Yasuhisa (Soke), Takeno Takafumi (9 Dan, Saiko-Komon of Honbu), Chida Tsutomu (8 Dan, Head of Aikido Renshinkai), Sonoda Takehiko (8 Dan, Shihan of Honbu), Ando Tsuneo (8 Dan, Syuseki Shihan of Honbu, Head of Aikido Yoshinkan Ryu) et al.

After that he went to Europe like Technical Director of UK Yoshinkan Aikido Federation. In 1989 he returned to Japan and had trained under the guidance of Kancho Sensei till 1993.

In 1991 Payet Sensei assisted with establishing of International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation.

He has a rank of 7 Dan of Yoshinkan Aikido, and status of Honbu Shihan.

He has Dojo in Kyoto, Japan, in Los-Angeles and San-Diego, USA.

Jacques Payet Sensei is a main translator of remarkable book of Shioda Gozo Kancho Sensei “Aikido Shugyo. Harmony in confrontation”.

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