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There were two enbu of Shosetsu Kan Dojo members this month.

First, there was the enbu on a stadium of “Tayra” factory of Novosibirsk ad honorem of Russian Day of Athlete. In the festival program there were the enbu and tournaments different groups and sports, from powerlifting to football. And, though there was a rain, Shosetsu Kan members perform the enbu on the grass of stadium remarkably! We’d like to say great thanks member of Soviet District of Novosibirsk administration Evgeniy A. Gorlanov for invitation to the festival, senior instructor of Shosetsu Kan Yuriy V. Poletaev for enbu organization, senior students of Shosetsu Kan: Yuriy Lebedev, Vyacheslav Kuzmin, Andrey Shevyrin – for perfect performing of Yoshinkan techniques, members of “Aikido out of limits” group, our Aiki-grandies – for a courage, because they performed Kihon dosa to kanren waza in the downpour only on the grass!

On the 22d of August there was another enbu on the Celebration of Russian Flag Day. Ad honorem of this event members of Shosetsu Kan performed an enbu on the beach of Akademgorodok in the context of Extreme Sports Festival.

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