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Today I am very pleased to announce the launch of the Shioda International Aikido Federation (SIAF), our new international Aikido organization. As many of you know, throughout his life, my late father (Gozo Shioda) encouraged me to transmit both his Aikido spirit and his techniques. He reminded me of this again during the months before he passed away and at that time I gave him my life long promise to do so. Today I am very pleased to continue to teach my father’s Aikido and through this teaching help to transmit his Aikido spirit.

With this background, the purpose of the SIAF is to ensure that aikidoka throughout the world have the benefit of the rich legacy of the Aikido teachings of Gozo Shioda through a direct association with the Shioda family. I am joined in this undertaking by my son Masahiro Shioda, and by the many Aikido instructors around the word who have similarly been inspired by my father’s teaching and spirit. It is the mission of SIAF to respect and honor the independent operation of member dojos; to provide support to its members through mentoring, training and instructional materials; to encourage and promote the growth of Aikido and to help foster the development of its members by confirming each rank, instructor privileges and dojo registration; and to foster the spirit of the Way of Harmony in all the principles, goals, activities and practices of the SIAF.

Further details on the SIAF are available on our website:

All Aikido dojos, aikidoka and anyone who loves Aikido, irrespective of style of practice, are welcome and invited to connect directly to the Shioda family through the SIAF. In accordance with our purpose and mission, dojo recognition certificates are provided without cost to existing dojos. If you have any questions or suggestions for helping to achieve my father’s wishes, please send these to us using the information form at

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Sensei I have not joined because I was told by Doshu Wilkes that I would only be ranked at Ikkyu.I can send copy of my Rokudan from the Shubukan and Shuyokan.I was told Japan don’t honor American Ranks.that you,for your assistance.

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