Jacques Payet Sensei’s seminar in Novosibirsk is over

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On the Sunday we accompanied Jacques Payet Sensei to his flight in the Tolmachevo international airport.

It will be fair to say, that the seminar was interesting from all point of view.

Payet Sensei always shows his understanding of Aikido, and his understanding is high ranked, no doubts.

The main point of the seminar was the balance, balance of central line, balance of life, and more – the balance between Form and Inner meaning.

You can work hard with your own Form, but if you can’t feel the Inner meaning, your Form will be pointless.

The other side, the Inner meaning doesn’t exist without the Form. You can’t drink good tea, levitating in the air. You need for this a cup. And it would be great, if the cup be beautiful and useful.

Becides, the seminar was awesome with its athmosphere on tatami and outside.

Becides, the borders were expended, and there were the representatives from Novosibirsk, Koltsovo, Berdsk, Irkutsk, Saint-Petersburg, Saratov, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Surgut, Indianapolis, USA, and even more – from Saudi Arabia.

Becides, six our students passed their Shodan tests successfully and one passed Sandan test.

Becides, dojo in Irkutsk and dojo in Koltsovo are officially registrated in Aikido Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo. We would like to say great thanks to Andrey Podoynikov Sensei and Ando Tsuneo Sensei, who chose the names of dojos, Honbu Dojo administration, who registrated our dojos, and Jacques Payet Sensei, who helped with registration procedure!

We’d like to say great thanks to Jacques Payet Sensei for this seminar and for his Aikido!


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